-- Dashboard highlights --

>> Top toolbar

  1. Client search bar: to pull up a contact quickly, type in the first few letters of their name in this search bar. A drop-down menu of matching options will appear for you to make your selection. Please note that contacts you have set to show as the company name will display the company name in the drop-down.
  2. Timer: this is where you can activate a new timer, pause/stop an active timer or view your ongoing time for an active timer.
  3. My templates: this button acts a a shortcut to your My Templates settings. Tip: it's also a quick and easy way to get into your Account Settings in just one click!
  4. Help & support: this button will open up a new window in your browser to our Knowledge Base articles as well as our Video Tutorial Center here.
  5. Account Settings: An easier way for you to get to your Account Settings and update anything you need. 
  6. Your account: from here, you can go into your Account Settings as well but you can also access/create a separate account for Multi-Brand or simply log out of your 17hats account.

17hats refresh logo: this handy logo is more than just eye candy. It's actually a button that will refresh your account for you!

>> Features tab column
Each category shown in this column acts as a shortcut into the key features within your 17hats account. This menu will always be visible to you so that you can quickly get into the necessary parts of your account in a flash!

>> Calendar overview

The calendar overview shows you a snapshot of what's coming up in the next 3 days. You can edit the events shown here directly by clicking on them. You can also add an event by clicking directly on the applicable day to pull up the Add Event window.

To access your full calendar view, simply click on CALENDAR on the Features Tab menu on the left-hand side.

>> Let's take care of business...
This section shows you a rundown of your current tasks across all of your 17hats projects. Each item can be expanded and accessed from the overview page. You can also snooze these notification to remind you on a later date.

>> Right rail

  1. Weather widget: the information shown here is pulled in based on the zip code you listed under My Profile.
  2. Recent client activity: this section shows you when the latest invoices are paid, contracts as signed etc.
  3. Pending items: this area shows you a quick breakdown of your pending documents by type. You can click into each category to pull up specific contact and project names and go directly into the document itself.
  4. Live chat: got a question? We're here to help! Click on this icon here to start a conversation with our Business Support team. Our hours of availability are weekdays 10:00am-6:00pm Eastern Time.

-- Ready to rock? Let's set up your 17hats account. --

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