>> What are tokens? <<

A token is a piece of information stored within your 17hats account that can be used to dynamically insert information into a document for personalization.

Please see a complete list of tokens available in your 17hats account:

>> General Tokens <<

Contact tokens (contain the personal information of the email recipient)
[contact] First name
[contact] Last name
[contact] Full name
[contact] Company name
[contact] Address
[contact] Email address
[contact] Phone number

Project tokens (contains specific project-related information)
[project] Project name
[project] Project location
[project] Project date
[project-dates] Project start time
[project-dates] Project end time

Account tokens (contain personal information of the 17hats account owner)
[account] First name
[account] Last name
[account] Full name
[account] Company name
[account] Adress
[account] Email address
[account] Phone number
[account] Website

Client Portal tokens (contain information specific to the Client Portal for the client)
[client-portal] Client Portal URL
[client-portal] PIN
[client-portal] if: PIN protected

>> Document Tokens <<

Invoice tokens (can be used in Invoice E-mail types)
[invoice] Invoice number
[invoice] Invoice total amount
[invoice] Invoice outstanding amount
[invoice] Invoice due date
[invoice] Invoice link

Contract tokens (can be used in Contract E-mail types)
[contract] Contract name
[contract] Contract due date

Questionnaire tokens (can be used in Questionnaire E-mail types)
[questionnaire] Questionnaire name
[questionnaire] Questionnaire due date
[questionnaire] Questionnaire number of questions.

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