1. Are you waiting for emails to come through that are for current active contacts/leads that have projects in your account? (We only will bring emails into 17hats that are related to a project that has a contact record with a matching email address) 
  2. Has the email been received in your email provider? (We will only monitor for new emails that have been received in your email provider's inbox)
  3. Is this email synced under Account Settings?  (We will only monitor for new emails from email addresses synced under Account Settings > Email Settings)

4) When did it last sync? Email syncing occurs in cycles (sometimes upwards of 30-45 minutes) 

  • Should you see a delay of an hour or more, please contact 17hats Support so we can take a closer look for you. 

If you need to reconnect your email, once it has been reconnected, make sure to send a test email to make sure that your account is properly syncing. 

To do this, add a contact with an email address you use that is not associated with your 17hats account. Next, send an email from 17hats to this email address, and from that email provider's inbox, reply to it. Give your 17hats account up to 30-45 minutes to sync the test email into your project page. 

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