In order to add an image to emails, you will first need to have that image hosted publicly online.  Any photo sharing site that offers a direct link to the image should work.

Now, back in 17hats, you would simply press the "Insert Image" button (looks like a picture frame) from within the editor:

After doing this, a popup will appear for you to paste the direct link to your image into:

After pasting or entering the direct link to your image, the photo will now appear in the editor.  Perfectamundo!

  • Please note that videos cannot be embedded into your emails.  Most email clients don't support embedding videos. The best practice is to have a screenshot of the video player as a clickable image in the email (leading to a full video on YouTube or your main site).  The reason it shows when you are composing the email is that the editor is on a webpage, and thus is capable of displaying embedded videos.

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