Customizing Font Color/Sizing/Formatting Using HTML 

To change the way your content appears (Font, color, etc.) we suggest using the HTML feature in 17hats. 

  1. Use a website such as:
    *Note: we are not affiliated with any of these sites
  2. Type and format your email in a draft message in your email provider & Copy/Paste to the wordtohtml site --OR-- edit it the text/content directly on the wordtohtml site (left side of the screen)

3. Copy the HTML code it gives you (right side of the screen)
4. Navigate in 17hats to your email template, signature page, or contract template
5. Switch to HTML view, and remove any of the content that is already there:

7. Paste the code from and "uncheck" the HTML button to preview
8. Save or Send! 

*Note: You can edit Contracts, Email Signatures and Emails all using this HTML tool. 

Customizing Images 

If you'd like to add social media images with links, or other images, you can do this as well by inserting the images URL. 

  • You can find publicly hosted images via google image search, or choose to host them using a site such as PostImage.Org 
  • Once you've added the image, edit the image to direct the user to a link upon clicking:

Once saved, the image should now direct users to your social media pages when clicked on!

**Note: If you are experiencing trouble with mapping the links to the proper websites, use the HTML tool listed above (such as, to edit the images/content and paste it directly into 17hats with the HTML code. 

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