Questionnaires can be sent to your contacts to gather information about them or their event.

You may prefer to make a questionnaire template.  That way you will be able to reuse it.  To build a questionnaire template, go to "Account Settings", and then "My Templates".  (Or use the Templates shortcut button at the top of your page): 

Once on the templates page, simply select "Add" and select Questionnaire.

Here is a quick video on questionnaire design:

You can also create a questionnaire directly from the contact's page, by clicking on "Add" and then "Questionnaire".  

When creating questionnaires from the contact page, you can also choose to add one of your pre-made templates, or start from scratch. 

You can also save it as a template to be reused later.  Just click the "Save as new Template" box.

When done, simply hit save, and you can now email the questionnaire. It is important to note that Questionnaire emails are their own type of template, so you will want to be sure and save these as such when creating your emails:

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