Automatic invoice reminders send out an email reminder to your clients one day before a payment is due, and every month for past due payments.

Different email templates are sent to your clients, depending on the circumstances.  

  • Reminders sent before the due date use the "An invoice is coming up for payment invoice" Email (invoice_upcoming_send) template
  • Reminders sent after the due date use the "An invoice is past the due date" Email (invoice_due_send) template
  • Reminders sent for upcoming payments that also have previous payments overdue use the "An invoice is due and coming up for payment" Email (invoice_due_and_upcoming_send) template.

To access the setting for invoice reminders, go to "Account Settings". Locate "Invoice Options" underneath.

Click on "EDIT INVOICE OPTIONS" to turn invoice reminders on or off.

Mark the "Reminders" checkbox, to turn invoice reminders on, or uncheck it to turn them off.

Please note that  invoice reminders, (both upcoming and past due), will also go out from an archived project.

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