There are several different contact types available in 17hats to help you better organize your contacts.  The Contact Type is a color coded status which improves organization and identification.

The Contact Type is a field available on the "New Contact" form, but can also be edited at any time.  When you send an invoice to a "Hot Lead", the contact type will automatically promote to "Client" status.

  • Clients (Green) are active clients.
  • Hot Leads (Orange) are potential clients that you are communicating with, they may have come into 17hats via a Lead Capture Form.
  • Cold Prospects (Blue) are customers you are trying to convert into a sale. 
  • Other Contacts (Grey) are contacts that don't fit into any of the other categories.

You can manage your clients and other contacts in your "Contacts" tab.  Your Cold Prospects and Hot leads can be managed in the "Leads" tab.

You can chose to edit your contacts at any time by clicking on "Edit Contact" and choosing a different category from the dropdown:

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