When importing a CSV file of contacts, the format used will need to be correct, or the results will be inconsistent.

You may need to edit your csv in a spreadsheet program to modify the header names so they match the exact name of the field's listed below. Variations are also allowed and are indicated by alternate spelling. 

You may also use this google doc to ensure the headers are correct. As many users have access to this, the file is a "view only" file. Please save a copy for yourself and then add your data as needed. (Once edited, select "File" > "Download As" and select CSV). This can now be imported into 17hats.

Please note the phone numbers must be entered in the 888-888-888 format.

Acceptable data fields when importing CSV files:

name fields
    'first name', firstname, first, 'given name', given
    'last name', lastname, last, 'family name'
company name
    company, 'company name', 'business name', business
    email, e-mail, 'e-mail address'
phone numbers
    "assistant's phone"
    "business fax"
    "business phone"
    "business phone 2"
    "car phone"
    "company main phone"
    "home fax"
    "home phone"
    "home phone 2"
    "mobile phone"
    "other fax"
    "other phone"
    "primary phone"
addresses (all field names can be prefixed with "business", "home ", "other")
        street, address
    address 2
        'street 2', 'address 2'
        zip, 'postal code'
    'web page', website, url
tags (# comma or semi-colon separated)

**Note: To add more than 1 tag to a contact, simply separate these with a comma under the "tags" header. 

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