17hats only allows us to connect to the calendars from one Google account. You can do a work-around within your google account that allows more than one by sharing them in the google calendar settings.

To do this you will need: 2 personal Google accounts with Calendars (Google Calendar A, Google Calendar B), and a 17hats account. Google Calendar A is the original calendar, that is already synced to 17hats.

  1. Go to Google Calendar B and select settings, Share it with Google Calendar A using these steps: (Make sure to select "Make Changes and Manage Sharing"

Log in to Calendar A and noticed that Calendar B now shows up under "My Calendars"

Go back to 17hats and hit "Google Cal Settings" Then select "Update Calendars to Sync". 

Notice it now has a new sub-calendar listed, that is Calendar B; Check it off, and it is now added in 17hats:

You will now have both calendars syncing properly in 17hats:

Keywords: Multiple Calendars, Google Calendar, Settings, Subcalendar

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