17hats utilizes two different types of calendars. A 17hats Calendar is in app only, and Google (cloud based calendar).  For cloud calendaring, the calendar needs to be both ACTIVE and SYNCED to update to the cloud.

Add your Google Calendars to 17hats if you haven't already done so. For existing conditions, click on the triangle and edit the connection.

If events are not properly synching:

  1. Please check your connection
  2. Verify the calendar is both ACTIVE and SYNCED in Calendar Settings.
  3. Verify your event is assigned the the appropriate calendar. 

Basic Tips:

  1. Keep to do's, client birthdays and other notifications on a 17hats Calendar.
  2. Keep events like booked jobs, meetings and appointments on your Google calendar. 
  3. Keep tentative bookings on a separate calendar from your confirmed bookings to avoid any confusion.

Here are what the settings will look like within 17hats under Account Settings > Calendars:

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