17hats is integrated with 4 online payment merchants: Stripe, Paypal, Square, and Authorize.net. For users who prefer Square, click here.

Create an account with your merchant of choice, before continuing as you will need your account information to proceed with setup.

Access your payment options here. You can find your payment options under Account Settings > Invoice Options.

You will encounter a screen similar to the one below. Once your merchant account is set up, proceed by clicking on the "Activate" or "Connect" button.

*Please note you may only have a single merchant account connected at any one given time

Transaction Limits

Each payment provider sets their own limit on the transaction amount they accept. 

Credit Card: The only limit to the maximum amount you can charge a customer is a technical one. The amount value supports up to eight digits (e.g., a value of 99999999 for a USD charge of $999,999.99).

ACH: A limit of $2,000 USD per transaction while the user establish their account history with Stripe. If you would like to discuss increasing this limit sooner, please contact Stripe Support.

Square has a per transaction limit of $50,000. If you'd like to accept individual transactions above $50,000 each, you'll need to split the payment into multiple installments.

Paypal caps their transaction amounts at $10,000.

Authorize.net, limits their transaction size to $100 and the monthly volume limit for eCheck is $5000.  To increase those amounts, please contact Authorize.net support team.

*Please note, the bank or credit card provider of your use may have additional limits for the amount your client can pay at a given time. 

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