In 17hats, you can record payments a payment manually within an Invoice, or from the Bookkeeping section. 

If a cash, credit card or check deposit comes through your bank feed and you need to apply it towards an invoice - 

  • Select the transaction
  • Click on "Select a category"
  • Then "Apply to an invoice"

Note:  Only apply a transaction to an invoice if the payment has not yet been recorded.  If a payment has already been recorded, then the transaction should be categorized as "transfer between accounts.

Two options will appear, "Assign to Invoice", or "Assign to Payment".

"Assign to Invoice" will show a drop-down of all your open invoices.

"Assign to Payment" will show a drop-down of all your open payments

Your transaction will then be merged with the payment and removed from the transactions overview in the Bookkeeping section.

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